Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sharpen your vocal at home

With so many budding reality TV singers propping up like mushrooms, we tend to be seduced to try out our vocals just to be disappointed with the result. Of course, with no professional training it can be quite frustrating to try out without guided direction.

If you have visited Expert Village website, you might come across these videos which can be quite helpful to you to improve your vocal.

1. Warm up exercise

2. Mi Me Ma Mo Mu exercise

3. Motorboat

4. Humming

5. Singing with your diaphragm

If you read my article on Musical wonders on your PC I explained how computers have revolutionised music-making. In this article I will explain how it has impact on singing.

Check this video out and you will understand why.

This is a korean girl named Ailee with extraordinary vocal talent. But what is she doing with the PC?

There used to be a time when we need to visit a vocal teacher or go to a studio to actually practice to improve our voice. But now we can just do that in front of our PC.

The next step is a software that can actually guide you like a virtual teacher on your PC.

Introducing Singorama, a program that can do that with 28 lessons covering the following areas:

  • Introduction and How to Understand Your Own Voice
  • Warm Ups and Strenghtening
  • Breathing and Posture
  • Tone
  • Pitch, Staying in Tune
  • Chest Voice and Head Voice
  • Bad Habits to Avoid
  • Extending Your Vocal Range (Part 1)
  • Time Signatures, Key Signatures and Rhythm
  • Major and Minor Keys; Solfege
  • Intervals and Solfege
  • Different Styles of Singing
  • How to Become Sensational at Singing Harmony - Everyone Will Want to Sing With You!
  • How to Sing Different Genres of Music
  • Understanding the Meaning of A Song (Part 1 - Lyrics and Overall Tone)
  • Understanding the Meaning of A Song (Part 2 - Emotions Conveyed Through Music and How to Put Your Personality Into A Song)
  • Making A Song of Your Own
  • Learning A Full Song (Part 1)
  • Learning A Full Song (Part 2)
  • Solutions to Commong Problems
  • Your Future as A Singer
  • Extending Your vocal Range (Part 2)
  • Performance Tips
  • Auditions and How to Ace Them!
  • Writing Your First Song
  • How to Sing With A Band
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Final Overview

Singorama singing lessons program package also comes with additional programs to help perfect your pitch and turn your PC or laptop into a mini recording studio, not to mention audio programs to guide you with your vocal exercises.


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