Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are you inspired to be an artist?

Art is a gift. To be able to create something that people appreciate and awe at is something special that someone is granted with in his or her life. To be able to create something that people will do anything to get and keep for themselves is another part of the story. Wouldn’t it be nice if we can create something that bring us satisfaction and contentment as an artist and at the same time can make good fortune and wealth from it?

So what is the secrets of being able to make a fortune from our artworks.
Here are some words of guidance from the experts:

1. Make your Portfolio
Create collection of samples of your work – preferably the best pieces as your "resume". You can enlarge the photos to paper size (8"X 11") and bind as a booklet with “killer” cover with a brief summary of your biodata

2. Set a price for your work
The basis will be how much you would like to make per hour, then multiply that by the amount of time it took you to make a price. This is really an arbitrary way to do it, but it's just a starting price. The idea is for you to value your time and be firm with it, others will respect your art too.

3. Showcase your works to the online community
Create a paid website using fairly cheap Yahoo website or you can use other free alternatives like Myspace, Facebook, Squidoo.or many other website providers. Don’t forget to use Youtube as you can see many artists such as Gary Reef aka CapricornArtist73

Life of an artist: Gary Reef

4. Get an agent
Find an agent if you want who are specialized in helping artists make a living. Do networking by visiting openings at galleries to meet potential agents and art dealers who might represent you effectively.
Find a business partner by contacting local businesses to commercially market your paintings. This can be local painters, builders and remodellers. Make appointment and show your portfolio. The idea is to cross market your products by linking to other areas such as wall murals for private home and business, graphic design and other thinkable possibilities.

5. Showcase your works and talent
Look for opportunities to showcase your art works in public galleries or local trade shows. Besides the possibilities of having your artwork sold, you are building contacts for your future business opportunities.

6. Get expert advice on how you can market your artwork
Here are some tips and advice from experts in the field:

Succeeding as an artist

Internet marketing

Selling your art or craft

You can also get a comprehensive material that can provide you with detailed information and easy to understand step-by-step instructions. Basically you should look for materials with proven system providing tips and techniques on:
- how to start and how to set price for your artworks sales
- how to use tools on the internet
- how to get good attention from your prospects

One of the programs available is called The Thriving Artist created by someone who has been through the whole process and has actually succeeded. It comes with 27 sections covering the following areas:

- Pricing

- Strategies for making different type of pieces (one of a kind, limited edition, signing)

- Wholesaling

- Creating for other artists

- Selling to galleries

- Weekend art shows

- Art freebies as business card

- Art for businesses

- Art for niche application

- Commission or custom work

- Series, Giftware, Collectors

- Networking

- Online sale

- Classes

- “How To” Book

Art is truly an inspiration to the people who know how to appreciate it, and a good source of income if you are guided into the right direction.

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