Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Photography - an inspiration to us all

With the advent of online digital photography, we have a new dimension of conveying words with emotion and vivid message emitted through photos. We use them to spice up blogs, news or even articles about daily things in life. What will life like with only texts and words.

Photography is an expression of feeling, moods and point of views – transmitting from the eyes to our brain, to the heart, and impact our behaviour and actions.
As they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

If you have got what it takes, why not join in the bandwagon.

Here are some good tips to get good photos:





To really excel in photography, you need to get professional tips & tricks from those who have been in this profession for years to get maximum result from your digital camera..

This includes:
- How to be at the right time at the right place
- How to get inspiration from anything, anywhere
- How to deal with problematic situation and how to correct them
- How to transfer your digital file into a stunning work of art

One of the highly recommended resources that guide you into these areas is LEARN DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY NOW

The best part of photography is you just don’t stop at taking and collecting pictures.
You can share them with you loved ones, with your friends, or even with everybody and make money from it online.

So what do you need to make money with your photos. Basically, only thre things – a digital camera, a computer (PC or laptop) and internet connection. Seriously, those are the only things.

What types of photos that you can take for this matter? Generally the areas are Business, Car, Food, Nature, Night, Holiday, People, Medical and Abstract. You imagination is the limit. Have you ever written some articles, or project paper or simply put up an ads and in the process you need to find a suitable graphic to accompany your works, just to discover it hard to find an image that suits your situation. That is the role of stock photographer. If you can find an image that has universal appeal, chances are you will make good money on it.

The trick is however to actually make money by doing this, you need to know a few areas:
1. How to create photos that are in demand for months and years from now.
2. You also need the required skills to enhance your photos to make them juicer and more appealing to users, because not all photos turn out to be the fairy tale “happily-ever-after” results.
3. How to find the right target market for your photos including through manipulation of keyword search for your photos.

Now that you have created good photos with good appeal, how and where can you sell them. This is the role of micro stock agencies.

What is a micro stock agency?
It is a photography agency that specializes in collecting photos for use by advertisers, webmasters, and artists in their websites, banners, and even art work. Price of photos varies according to demand and quality – this include the focus, composition or even simplicity. This can be in the range of 25 cents to $20 per photo. How much money you make depends on the number of dowloads for your photos – that’s a recurring payment for you! Examples of the best are, and

So now that you know where to sell your photos, can you start right away? Hold on buddy, not that fast! They won’t simply take your photos and pay you good money. You need to know things such as:
1. How to get quality and sellable photos
2. Tricks and tips to get your photos to generate cash for you.

One of the recommended materials for this purpose is TURN YOUR PHOTOS INTO CASH

So, enough words said, it’s time to take some seriously good photos.
Good Luck with your quest to take amazing photos and make cold hard cash with them.