Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Improving your golf swing

Golf is an addictive game. Once you have got the hang of it, you will find yourself hooked to the game. But it can be quite frustrating if you cannot master your swing and improve your handicap tremendously. So how can you improve your golf swing?

There are many elements involved in improving your golf swing.
Some of them are:

1. Improve your strength and body stability by doing exercises. This includes arm lift which can improve upper body strength & flexibility, therefore increasing the power of your swing. You can find different exercises for golf at health24.com

2. Practice your strokes & swings during training sessions as taught by professional golf instructors, prefereably those who are PGA certified. You can search for teaching aids at Golftrainingstuff.com. The average golf lesson with a non-certified gold instructor can cost from $25.00 to $100.00 per hour, while a PGA certified instructor can be in the range of $100.00 to $500 per hour.

3. Keep updated with new tricks or tips from golf magazines and sites like golfdigest.com and golfillustrated.com. Watching the PGA tournaments on television and study how the golf pros perfect their swing can also be a simple and free way to get some firsthand tips from the leaders in the golf industry.

4. Practice everyday to get a perfect swing, whether at the driving range (with real shots) or at home (with simulated shots) to improve your shots.

5. Do stretching exercise before beginning your golf game, as it will help improve muscles flexibility and loosen them to improve your swing. Flex band or a stretchy rubber exercise band can help you warm up before a golf game or practice. Take the band and pull the band apart as far as possible with your arms wide stretched from side to side, opening these muscles up and increasing your blood circulation. The band can also be used to provide resistance between both arms as you stretch with your arms behind your neck as well as side to side. Stretching with your arms while bending down and touching your toes helps to open up back muscles as well as to loosen rear leg muscles. Failure to stretch your muscles adequately in the arms, upper and lower back, shoulder, and leg before practicing your golf swing may cause muscle strains.

6. Learn proper set up position including your grip, alignment, stance, posture, and ball position before beginning the swing.

This video may help you to improve your setup:

7. Get a comprehensive reference material that can help you improve your golf swing with detailed instructions and cutting-edge trends and tips

There are many other techniques to improve your golf swing such as perfecting your stance, locating your sweet spot, perfecting your grip and utilizing the assistance of golf aids. Implementing different techniques at once into your golf game can actually help to enhance your overall golf. Practicing both on the course and at the driving range can help your body to adapt to different variables and improve your golf shots.

Source: Golflink and Helium

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