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New Year Resolution - How To Make Sure It Works

You might be reading this at the beginning of the year, at the middle or even at the end of the year. It doesn't matter, because one question remain important all year round, and that is "Have you achieved your new year resolution this year?"

Can you still remember your answer when asked the big question "What's your new year resolution?" early this year. Maybe you're are one of those who answer with fiery heart full of ambition, or sparkling eyes full of excitement, as you spoke about new things you want to achieve. If someone ask you now about your progress, will you be as enthusiastic as before? Maybe you still are, but let's check how some people might respond:

1. "I never have one. I suck at making my new year resolution worked"
2. "I was eager in the first month, but now I'm not that excited to work on it anymore".

Is new year resolution just a psychological gimmick we tell ourselves to make coming into a new year an anticipated event, or is it an indication that we want to make a difference in our life?

Why are we so excited in the beginning but as months passed, it is just another agenda in our diary or organizer, or just another memory stored in our brain. Why are we so eager in the beginning, but become quite reluctant later. If you're not one of those, congratulation, maybe you should skip reading this article. For the rest of us maybe it's time to check why.

Introduction - watch this cool music video
How not to set your New Year Resolution a.k.a How to set New Year Resolution with guaranteed success...

These guys sure have good advice on how to set your new year resolution

Why doesn't my new year resolution work?

According to experts, there are a few common reasons:

1.Not enough commitment
This may be in the form of:
- not writing it down
- not sharing it with other people (maybe because of fear to be mocked or scorned at if not achieved by end of the year)
- thinking it as something extra which is good if can be achieved next year
- attitude that I can work this out next year if it doesn't work this year.

2. Not properly planning on how to achieve within the year

3. Goals chosen are too many, too vague, too complicated or too ambitious

Just another side agenda
Let's take the example of an important task given by our boss (if you're an employee) or an important job we need to do for our client (if you're self-employed). When we realize that we have a dateline to meet with tons or loads of work still to be done, our body system will trigger an adrenaline rush to our brain and entire body parts, causing us to panic a little bit and start to rush things up.
We know the consequences of not meeting the dateline - my boss will give me a big kick in the ass or I might lose a very important client.

Unfortunately in the case of new year resolution, we treat it as just another side agenda which is a bonus if I can achieve it. Maybe you're right that it's is a side agenda if compared to our job or business, but what does our attitude towards it tells about us?

It's all about goal setting
Maybe it's not entirely about whether you achieve your new year resolution or not, but it's more about our drive in achieving goals that we set. We tend to delay or procrastinate things which we treat as not that important, or to do things in the last minute when we are desperate or in dire need to. We rather let our lives pass without solid achievement in our lives, than to buckle up a bit to make a change.

So, where do we start?

How to make sure your new year resolution is achieved

1. Materialize the idea
Show your commitment to your resolution by writing it down in your organizer, or paste it on the wall. By making it visible in writing, you're taking a giant first step towards achieving your goal. Then remove your pessimism of not achieving it by sharing the idea with your loved ones and friends, so that they can positively remind you or motivate you when you're slacking in the process. If you show your enthusiasm to others, they will get the signal that you're serious and they will help you on your way.

2. Break down the process, and monitor periodically
Instead of having just one big goal, break it down into subgoals that you want to achieve in different parts of the year. For example, set subgoals or mini-goals concerning your resolution that you want to achieve in the four quarters of the year. Let say you want to quit your smoking habit and you smoke 20 cigarette a day, you can set to reduce your smoking habit to 15 by end of March, 10 by end of June and so forth. It sounds easier and makes more sense, don't you think?

It's not enough just to break down the process, but also to monitor the progress time to time. Give yourself a compliment if you're on track, and find out the reasons if you're slacking and how to get back on track.

3. Focus one goal at a time
Rather than having 10 resolutions that you either partially achieved or did not achieve at all, focus on having one that you successfully achieved for good!

4. Use expert advice
If you're confident that your approach will help you to succeed, then proceed with it. If you're not sure that it's the right thing to do, or not guaranteed for success, then get some help. See experts on the matter, or even people who used to have the same problem and now had successfully solved theirs.

Another option is to use various programs created in the forms of ebooks, videos or audios by experts in the field to help people who are tying to quit their habits or trying to solve their problems on their own. These programs are immediately avaiable and downloadable online, not to mention the cheap price - at a small fraction of the professional consultancy fee, if you're seeing one for advice that is.

I have collected a few in the market concerning the common resolutions. You can have a look if it's related to you and use them to make your resolutions this year a 100% guaranteed success.

I wish you all the best in achieving your resolutions this year. If you succeed, I believe you have a big reason to celebrate New Year on 31 December, not to mention the motivation and spirit boost you have to set new ones next year.

Materials recommended for your guide to success

Just check the heading whether that's your desired resolution.

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